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Each set contains:
(1) 3-1/5" x 8-1/2" Magnetic Pad, and (1) Matching Pen.
All designs have a detail link attached. Please use browser back button to return to page.

Each Pad Contains: 30 sheets

50 Sheet Pads          
MAG 101-C
Anthurium Quilt List
Price: $4.75 per
MAG 102-C
Yellow Hibiscus List
Price: $4.75 per
MAG 103-C
Local Out List
Price: $4.75 per
MAG 104-I
Brown Slipper Block List
Price: $4.75 per
MAG 105-I
Pink Slipper Block List
Price: $4.75 per
ML 26-2
Hula Baby Purple List
Price: $4.75 per



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