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All designs have a enlarged detail link attached to images.
Each Package Contains: 6 Notecards / 6 solid colored matching envelopes
Notecard Size: 4 1/4" x 5 1/2" (postcard style)

Quilt Patterns      
NC 32-2
Aloha Orange
Price: $3.75 per
NC 32-3
Honu Multicolor
Price: $3.75 per
NC 32-4
Aloha Blue
Price: $3.75 per
NC 31-5
Hula Girl Christmas
Price: $3.75 per

Each Package Contains: 25 Notecards
Envelopes / Packs of 10 - $1.50 per pack
Quilt Pattern
NC 16-8
Protea Quilt
Price: $2.25 per
NC 17-12
Awapuhi Quilt
Price: $2.25 per
NC 18-5
Plumeria Brown-Red
Price: $2.25 per
NC 19-6
Tuberose Pink-Gold
Price: $2.25 per
NC 19-7
Tuberose Pink-Blue
Price: $2.25 per
NC 19-8
Tuberose Purple-Pink
Price: $2.25 per



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